July 2016

  1. Introducing "Delight" from our Essentials Collection!

    Click to play: Introducing the first of our new Essentials collection, Delight! The fragrances in our Essentials collections come from 100% pure essential oils. "Delight" is a joyful blend of Blood Orange, Mandarin, and Vanilla. Spread the joy with Delight (link in bio) and watch for other Essentials candles, coming soon! #madelineislandcandles #madelineisland #lakesuperior #soycandles #soycandle #candle #candles #organic #allnatural...
  2. We've been voted Best of the Lake 2016!

    Thank you everyone for your support - we are so honored to have been chosen as Best of the Lake for the second year in a row. We could not have done it without your support. Thank You!
  3. New Essentials

    The Scent of 100% Pure Essential Oils New to the Candle Shop and coming soon to our online store, our new Essentials candle collection are scented with organic essential oil blends. Choose your scent for a truly soothing, healing, or invigorating experience: Delight, Energize, Meditate, and Relax.

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