Press Release: Friday, September 2, 2016

Madeline Island Candles is proud to announce their product feature in WMC’s Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest, and would appreciate your vote! Made with natural, renewable materials such as soy and beeswax, Madeline Island Candles are hand-poured by residents of beautiful Madeline Island, Wisconsin. These unique artisan candles showcase the local beauty of the island and craftsmanship of Wisconsin, and should be considered “The Coolest Thing” in Wisconsin.

Daily voting started September 2 for this state-wide contest, and features Wisconsin products and their manufacturers. Madeline Island Candles candles are displayed amongst 200 other submissions, which range from jigsaw puzzles to string cheese machines to Wisconsin-shaped cast irons skillets. Voters may vote once every day, and may choose up to 10 products with each vote. Please consider Madeline Island Candles as The Coolest Thing in Wisconsin with your daily vote!



How to Vote: Look for this image to find Madeline Island Candles: