When we were testing new fragrances for the candle shop - our memories of the traditional, bayberry fragrant candles from the Northeast and Mid Atlantic coast came to mind. The fragrance that we tested was so popular last winter, that we decided to keep Bayberry as one of our year round fragrances.

After recently creating our first batch of Bayberry candles we discovered that we had obtained the last of the Bayberry scent from our supplier and they were not going to replenish it! Therefore, our new Bayberry scent line is truly a limited edition.

Get them while they last!

Take a look at the USDA.gov fact sheet on Bayberry and you will find that not only was the fruit of the bayberry a source of wax - the plant itself stabilizes sandy shoreline habitats and provides shelter for game and non game animals as well as food for migrating swallows.

"The highly scented fruit of bayberry was a source of wax for early settlers in America. This scent is still used in candle making."

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