Apostle Islands Ice Caves to Open this Weekend!


apostle-island-ice-caveThe National Park Service has declared that the Apostle Island ice caves will open this Saturday, February 28! If conditions hold, visitors can journey to these breathtaking Apostle Island ice caves off the coastline of Lake Superior. We are holding our breath with excitement - these gorgeous caves are rarely open to visitors, as the weather conditions must be just right. Visitors trek across frozen beaches and a frozen Lake Superior, and strong winds can break up the ice near the opening of the sea caves. The ice must be 10 inches thick and in place for two weeks for the National Park Service to allow visitors (Be sure to check the latest conditions at the National Park Service website on Saturday morning!).

Fingers crossed - because when the winter weather holds and the caves are open, they are a sight that must not be missed. During the summer, these caves are visited by sea kayakers, who can paddle beneath the vaulted chambers and tunnels. But when the water freezes, stunning frozen waterfalls and several-story-high ice spires create a wintery cathedral, with thousands of frozen icicles studding the ceilings of the caves.

The sea caves in the Summer:

Transformed into ice caves in the Winter:ice-wall

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