The Madeline Island Candles Newsletter, April 2015

Madeline Island Candles

Welcome to the Madeline Island Candles Monthly Newsletter! We'll share stories and news from the candle shop and the island, as well as candle information, tips, and promotions.

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Planning Your Stay at Madeline Island:

Planning your trip to Madeline Island? Of course you are! Before we know it the busy summer season will be upon us, and Madeline Island is such a lovely vacation destination.

The 2015 Visitor's Guide to Madeline Island features beautiful photography and plenty of information about the island's campgrounds & parks, galleries and shops (that's us!), golf, restaurants, bars, and island events.

Read More & Download the Visitor's Guide

La Pointe, Madeline Island, Wisconsin

Article of Interest:

Notes on the North: Bayfield, Wisconsin, and the Apostle Islands

This Midwest Living article does a nice job detailing our beautiful region - a good read with some pretty photos!

"At the edge of the largest of the Great Lakes, the small harbor town of Bayfield, Wisconsin, forms a gateway to music, art and the Northern wilderness of the Apostle Islands..."

Click here to read the full article


New Bilingual Signage on the Island

The candle shop is excited to honor the rich heritage of Madeline Island - and welcomes bilingual signage in La Pointe!
The Town of La Pointe has partnered with the Apostle Islands Area Community Fund and added bilingual signage to honor the Ojibwe heritage of the island. Click here to read more about this project:
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Preparing for an Island Summer

Construction, Clean Up & Candle Making!

Pussy WillowSpring has brought pussy willows to brighten up the candle shop, while we hustle and bustle about, preparing for the busy summer ahead.

While some are cleaning the shop, and setting up new displays of beautifully crafted accessories and artisan goods, others are carefully making candle after candle, in a wide variety of scents. We've also been finalizing the packaging design for our newest candle passion, Beeswax Tapers.

Beeswax Candles

Votive Candles

Along with our usual favorite scents, we are testing some new fragrances: peach, coconut, honeysuckle/ jasmine and a blend of patchouli/parsley/orange.

This month we've also had the sights and sounds of construction, as our friends at Northwoods Construction worked hard to complete a new, accessible restroom for our guests.


We love these new polished, recycled aluminum candle holders - so creative!

We're so looking forward to having more visitors on the island: to share all of the new sights, sounds, and most importantly - scents - of Madeline Island Candles.

The Scent of Lilac

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Lilac promotion

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