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Welcome to the Madeline Island Candles Monthly Newsletter! We'll share stories and news from the candle shop and the island, as well as candle information, tips, and promotions.

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Our Little Pocket of Wisconsin:

Before you board the ferry to visit us on Madeline Island, take a look around the wonderful town of Bayfield, Wisconsin, just across the water.
Last week's episode of Around the Corner with John McGivern focuses on Bayfield, highlights a few of our island's local businesses, and shows a nice overview of our region.
Click here to watch:

Bayfield, Wisconsin

Polar Bear Plunge:

And you thought that you were cold? Brave locals jumped through the ice on March 7, for the 10th Annual Polar Bear Plunge - just across the ice road from Madeline Island in Bayfield, Wisconsin.
This is how we pass the time on Lake Superior! And a special shout out to Anne Lacy and her coconut costume!
Click here to watch UBK Studios fun video:

Polar Bear Plunge

Apostle Island Ice Caves Opened

In late February, the National Park Service declared that the Apostle Island ice caves were open to visitors. These gorgeous caves are rarely open to visitors, as the weather conditions must be just right.

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Apostle Islands

Soy Candles:
How It's Made

Step by Step photo essay of our candle-making process, featuring the beautiful photography of Hannah Stonehouse Hudeson of Stonehouse Photography.

View the photo essay

How it's Made: Soy Candles

Breaking the Ice

The Ferries Come to Madeline Island

It's warming up on Madeline Island, and we are welcoming spring - and 50 degrees! - with open arms. Just a few days ago, both the Island Queen and Madeline Island Ferry broke through the ice between Bayfield and Madeline Island, officially marking an end to the long winter and allowing more visitors to the island. 

Madeline Island Ferry

Can't wait for warmer weather to make the voyage to Madeline Island? Click here for the up-to-date Ferry Schedule. Be sure to pop into the candle shop to warm up, catch up on Island news, and browse our selection of candles and artisan crafts.

Madeline Island Candles Open

Last Day to Save

25% Off March's Candle of the Month

Named for Grant's Point on Madeline Island, our Vanilla & Sandalwood Candles warm up the room with the scent of vanilla, sandalwood, musk, and patchouli.

Sale ends on April 1 - Enter Promo Code "vanilla" at Checkout for 25% Savings on any Vanilla & Sandalwood Soy Candle. They are available in a variety of candle types:

Vanilla & Sandalwood Candles

Crafting for Community

Why We Love Woods Hall Craft Shop

Woods Hall Madeline IslandWoods Hall Craft Shop has been hosting a unique community-focused crafting project this month: weaving a large-scale rug for the Madeline Island Library. Weavers and non-weavers alike have been asked to join in, weaving a row or two of the 8 foot x 12 1/2 foot rug.

We give 10% of our profits to Woods Hall - and here's why.

Woods Hall Madeline IslandMadeline Island, like many islands in the US, has a seasonal economy, making for frugal, long winters.  In the 1950s, Woods Hall was founded by St. John's Church to address this concern: to keep the islanders busy and build community by weaving rugs and creating crafts in the winter, and helping their economy when those goods sold in the summer.

To this day, Woods Hall provides a venue for many islanders to increase their earnings, and a place for local artisans and craftsman to gather, workshop, and create.

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