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  1. Vote Madeline Island Candles Best of the Lake 2017

    It's Time to Vote! We are thrilled to be one of Wisconsin's Best Gift Shops as recognized in LakeSuperior Magazine’s annual Best of the Lake Awards. Please help us win "Best Local Store" in 2017 by voting by June 1st! Click below to vote now.
  2. Thoughts on Frankincense & Myrrh

    Tom Banner contributed this interesting information to us this month, knowing that our Candle of the Month is Frankincense & Myrrh. Enjoy! Christmas is almost here and the team and I have been busy unraveling some of the medical mysteries associated with this ancient midwinter tradition. Tucked quietly into many of the world’s most celebrated holidays are hidden codes, sacred...
  3. New Things Coming to Madeline Island Candles

      Holiday Collections As cooler autumn weather really settles in, we're all starting to prep for the holiday season ahead - adding family parties to the calendar, making transportation plans, and thinking about special things to give to those we love. At Madeline Island Candles, our minds are on the same thing - so we're creating a few new holiday gift...
  4. Coolest Thing? You Decide!

    3 Days remaining to vote! Please consider us (and other wonderful Wisconsin-made items) in the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest. If you're so inclined (and REALLY think we're cool), vote for us 1X every day from now until Sept 10! #wisconsin #madeinamerica #madeintheusa #madeinwisconsin #wisconsinmade #madelineisland #madelineislandcandles #beeswax #beeswaxcandle #beeswaxcandles #coolestthing #contest #welovecolor A photo posted by Madeline Island...
  5. Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin

      Press Release: Friday, September 2, 2016 Madeline Island Candles is proud to announce their product feature in WMC’s Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest, and would appreciate your vote! Made with natural, renewable materials such as soy and beeswax, Madeline Island Candles are hand-poured by residents of beautiful Madeline Island, Wisconsin. These unique artisan candles showcase the local beauty...
  6. Energize Your Summer with our Twitter Giveaway!

      How do you ‪#‎Energize‬? Follow us or retweet us on Twitter for a chance to one of our new Energize Essentials candles - We're giving away a new #Energize Essentials Candle to invigorate your summer! Just RT or Follow for chance to win -— MadelineIslandCandle (@madelinecandles) August 17, 2016
  7. Pure Island Relaxation

    Introducing Relax, from the Essentials collection. This all-natural soy candle is made from a soothing combination of Geranium Rose, Neroli, Rosewood and Jasmine 100% pure essential oils. New Essentials Collection candles are hand-poured into 2.5 inch-high votive glass containers, and arrive in a printed box. Every time you light an Essential candle, the true character of each oil shines through...
  8. Introducing "Delight" from our Essentials Collection!

    Click to play: Introducing the first of our new Essentials collection, Delight! The fragrances in our Essentials collections come from 100% pure essential oils. "Delight" is a joyful blend of Blood Orange, Mandarin, and Vanilla. Spread the joy with Delight (link in bio) and watch for other Essentials candles, coming soon! #madelineislandcandles #madelineisland #lakesuperior #soycandles #soycandle #candle #candles #organic #allnatural...
  9. We've been voted Best of the Lake 2016!

    Thank you everyone for your support - we are so honored to have been chosen as Best of the Lake for the second year in a row. We could not have done it without your support. Thank You!
  10. New Essentials

    The Scent of 100% Pure Essential Oils New to the Candle Shop and coming soon to our online store, our new Essentials candle collection are scented with organic essential oil blends. Choose your scent for a truly soothing, healing, or invigorating experience: Delight, Energize, Meditate, and Relax.

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