Wedding Bells (and Candles) on Madeline Island


This last weekend we were thrilled to provide the candle decor for the wedding of Rachel and John at Coole Park on Madeline Island, and it was an absolutely gorgeous event.

The wedding tent was strewn with twinkling white lights, and green tree branches were cleverly attached to the tent posts, giving the tent a feeling of magic and nature. The natural look was enhanced with greenery and plants all along the table tops, and our "Coole Park Wedding Green" candles added a lighter softer green accent to the display. The color of the candles was created specifically at the bride's request.

Our all natural beeswax taper candles were used both inside hurricane glass and in beautiful wooden candle holders made from birch tree trunks, and small matching green soywax candles in glass votive holders were sprinkled along the wedding tables as well.

A magical wedding on Madeline Island.


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