Madeline Island Candles Grand Opening

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Shop Finds Permanent Home:

Madeline Island Candles Grand Opening

Posted: Monday, November 24, 2014 8:00 am



Michael Childers and Glenn Carlson were both retired in 2011 and living on Madeline Island when they decided to start making candles because, after all, “How hard could it be to make candles?” they naively reasoned. They started to experiment in the kitchen of their home, making small batches of candles and melting the wax in a six-quart, reconfigured Presto Pot.

But, the two didn’t undertake this venture on a whim. At the time, Childers was a board member at Woods Hall Craft Shop. According to Childers, the Craft Shop knew that it needed more repeat traffic and the Board did some brainstorming about ideas to make a handmade staple that the Craft Shop could keep in stock.
And so, said Childers, “we decided to make candles. We started doing research on line, put together the outline of a business plan and started pouring candles in our kitchen.”

During this experimentation phase, Childers and Carlson developed various colors and fragrances for their candles, some of which are both exotic and intriguing — scents such as Oak Moss and Amber, Orange and Chili Pepper, Grapefruit and Tuberose, and with a nod to the 1960’s generation, Peppermint Patchouli.

Their first small batch of candles was placed for sale in Woods Hall Craft Shop to see what would happen. Well, people started to buy their candles and almost before they knew what was happening, Madeline Island Candles was born. But with the birth of the company, candle pouring had taken over their kitchen and dining room.

Knowing that it was time to find a permanent home, Madeline Island Candles was moved out of their house and a small storefront/candle factory was opened in LaPointe in 2012. The Presto Pot was put out to pasture; the business continued to expand; the owners continued to create new ideas; and they again found themselves in a position where they had outgrown their shop.

Last year Madeline Island Candles purchased a private home that has been converted to the candle factory and showroom. The scheduled opening for the shop was to be the spring of 2014.

5472786970282.imageHowever, who of us can forget this past spring when polar vortexes and two-foot deep blizzards became our reality? The grand opening of the candle shop was, necessarily, put on hold.

Now, “with a few bumps and starts along the way,” said Childers, Madeline Island Candles proudly announces its Grand Opening on Saturday, Nov. 29 offering, “quality, environmentally friendly candles, made by islanders.” The grand opening will feature demonstrations and presentations by Cynthia Dalzell on unmolding and cutting new soap as well as discussing hand-spun and no-spun wool and Alpaca fiber.

The products sold at Madeline Island Candles are all made of natural products. The candles are soy, which burn longer than wax and are better environmentally. The tapers are bee’s wax and the wicks of all candles are cotton.

Besides their extensive array of tea lights and tapers offered, Madeline Island Candles has branched out into other product lines. Committed to local and regional providers, the shop is currently focusing on three local soap makers. There is the Sweet Pea Soapery owned by Jennifer DeLonay of Washburn; Luscious Lather owned by Deena Schuppe of La Pointe; and the Art of Soap owned by Cynthia Dalzell of LaPointe.

Madeline Island Candles is located at 219 Colonel Woods Avenue in La Pointe, conveniently located right off the ferry dock.

They are open this winter Thursday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from Noon to 4 p.m. The store is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“We’ve been very gratified by the support from the Island Community — both in the early start-up phase and at our new location,” Childers summed up. “When a small business is just starting to grow, it keeps you going when people say how much they like what you’re doing.”

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