• Kramer Watch

    Kramer the Dog to visit Madeline Island: Kramer Watch 2016

    Sidewalk Dog is an excellent resource for dog owners in the region, promoting dog events and information and most importantly, advocating for Minnesota rescues, shelters, and dogs in need. If you haven't already, you'll love following the online travel journal of Kramer, dog blogger and Minnesota/Wisconsin enthusiast! Kramer is Sidewalk Dog's "Canine Reporter", on the prowl for the best dog-friendly destinations in the region. You can read his blog here: Kramer Series.

    This month, Kramer will be travelling to our area! He'll be in Bayfield and take the ferry over to Madeline Island - and our candle shop - on April 22/23rd! Come stop in Madeline Island Candles to catch a glimpse of this canine celebrity.

    While waiting, we'll be on "Kramer Watch", sharing Kramer's travels as he gets closer to the island. Keep an eye out for Kramer - here are a few pics so that you'll know the famous travel dog when you see him!

    unnamed-2 unnamed-1 unnamed

    (All Photos: K. Lessard)

  • Madeline Island Candles Voted "Best Gift Shop 2015"!

    Best of the Lake 2015The results are in, and we are thrilled! Madeline Island Candles has been named one of Wisconsin's Best Gift Shops in 2015 by Lake Superior Magazine’s annual Best of the Lake Awards.  Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your votes and support, we couldn't be more proud!

    We've had a busy year at Madeline Island Candles, moving our Gift Shop to its new location, across the way from the Ferry landing. We've remodeled, we've decorated, we've accessorized - we've spent our time making this new shop our home.

    Our ever-growing garden and patio area have become a beautiful addition to the shop, and the retail expansion has allowed us to feature more crafts and goods created by local artisans - and of course, more hand-poured soy candles.

    Madeline Island Candles Best Gift Shop

    A recent customer review beautifully described our shop:

    "Spent over an hour between walking through the gorgeous well tended gardens with all kinds of lush perennial flowers, then up to the entrance of the lovely candle shop.

    So much to choose from, such a wide inventory including homemade soaps, note cards, candle holders, birdhouses, and many other unique items. My favorite were the jar candles which will serve as gifts as well as gracing my home.

    The employees are most helpful, and everything I bought was wrapped as a gift."

    Madeline Island Flowers

    Madeline Island Candles gardenThank you to our loyal customers and fans, writers of reviews, voters, and visitors alike! We hope to welcome many more of you to the Gift Shop over the course of the summer!

    Madeline Island Soy Candles Beeswax Candles

    We were also excited to see that this year Bayfield and Madeline Island both did very well in the 2015 Best of the Lake Awards, with 7 Bayfield businesses winning honors and both Bayfield and Madeline Island chosen for Best Weekend Destination and Best Scenic Overlook!

    Here are some of our local community winners -

    The full list of the 101 winners can be found on newsstands and online at: Best of the Lake 2015

    Congratulations to all, and hope to see you on Madeline Island!

    Madeline Island Candles Best Gift Shop

    Candle of the Month | The Heritage Collection | Simply Scented Collection | Unscented Soy Candles | eGift Cards


  • Wedding Bells (and Candles) on Madeline Island


    This last weekend we were thrilled to provide the candle decor for the wedding of Rachel and John at Coole Park on Madeline Island, and it was an absolutely gorgeous event.

    The wedding tent was strewn with twinkling white lights, and green tree branches were cleverly attached to the tent posts, giving the tent a feeling of magic and nature. The natural look was enhanced with greenery and plants all along the table tops, and our "Coole Park Wedding Green" candles added a lighter softer green accent to the display. The color of the candles was created specifically at the bride's request.

    Our all natural beeswax taper candles were used both inside hurricane glass and in beautiful wooden candle holders made from birch tree trunks, and small matching green soywax candles in glass votive holders were sprinkled along the wedding tables as well.

    A magical wedding on Madeline Island.


    Contact us with your wedding requests for bulk orders or custom colored candles! Click Here

  • Apostle Islands Ice Caves to Open this Weekend!


    apostle-island-ice-caveThe National Park Service has declared that the Apostle Island ice caves will open this Saturday, February 28! If conditions hold, visitors can journey to these breathtaking Apostle Island ice caves off the coastline of Lake Superior. We are holding our breath with excitement - these gorgeous caves are rarely open to visitors, as the weather conditions must be just right. Visitors trek across frozen beaches and a frozen Lake Superior, and strong winds can break up the ice near the opening of the sea caves. The ice must be 10 inches thick and in place for two weeks for the National Park Service to allow visitors (Be sure to check the latest conditions at the National Park Service website on Saturday morning!).

    Fingers crossed - because when the winter weather holds and the caves are open, they are a sight that must not be missed. During the summer, these caves are visited by sea kayakers, who can paddle beneath the vaulted chambers and tunnels. But when the water freezes, stunning frozen waterfalls and several-story-high ice spires create a wintery cathedral, with thousands of frozen icicles studding the ceilings of the caves.

    The sea caves in the Summer:

    Transformed into ice caves in the Winter:ice-wall

    If you are making the trek this weekend, add a trip to nearby Madeline Island to your travels. Drive across the Ice Road and be sure to stop in at Madeline Island Candles and share your ice cave story and photos with us!

    Shop our "Ice Road" Candle Collection and Save 25% with Promo Code, now through Saturday

  • Featured in Woodstock Hardware's Gift Boxes

    Woodstock Hardware has compiled some clever "Gifts 2 Go" this holiday season, creating gift boxes stocked with collections of their favorite products. Our candles are featured in the Michel Design Gift Box and the Madeline Candle Gift Box. Lovely!

    We love these creative and beautiful ways to give candles this holiday season.

    The Madeline Candle Gift Box, which includes two Unscented Purity Soy Votive Candles and our 3" Pillar Candle, Unscented, in Amethyst:

    GIFTS TO GO 10-1

    The Michelle Design Gift Box, which includes our 3" Pillar Candle, Unscented, in Barn Red:

    GIFTS TO GO 5-1

  • Madeline Island Soy Candles: How It's Made

    Photography by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson of Stonehouse Photography

    Step 1: First, we melt the wax. Actually, first we review the recipe for the specific candle that we are going to make. The melters actually melts the soy wax – we turn the spigot.


    Step 2: Temperature management is important. Testing has confirmed that different fragrances perform best at different melt temperatures specific to their fragrance (shhh…that’s a secret!).


    Step 3: Color is added, and perhaps a bit more soy wax to achieve the weight that the recipe requires.

    3 4 5

    Step 4: Each recipe that we make has a specific pouring container – and neatness counts - we wouldn’t want to mix up the types of soy wax, color or scent! After all, Lemon Grove has to look and smell like lemon.

    6 7 8 9

    Step 5: Tealight containers, glass containers, aluminum molds for pillar candles: each candle type is prepared, along with candle wicks that are again, specific to the recipe (have you figured out that the recipes are critical?)


    Step 6: Then the fun starts – we pour the melted soy wax, with fragrance and color. Whether it be Ripe Apple (sandalwood and cinnamon) for Tealights, or Winter Snap (peppermint and eucalyptus) for pillars and glass container candles, it’s always fun to see the color that pours, and compare that to the cooled candle.

    10 11 12 13 14

    Step 7: For some batches like molds for pillars, wicks for the molds are prepared and positioned before the pour. For other batches like travel tins or Tealights, the wick comes after the pour.

    15 16 17 1823 2422

    Step 8: Then – we wait for the wax to cool. It might seem to some to be as boring as watching paint dry – but again – the recipe is critical in that the temperature at which the candles cool can have an impact on their appearance. We let the candles cool overnight before we move on to the next step – packaging.

    19 20

    View the finished product - shop our Soy Candle Collections!

    All photography copyright © StonehousePhoto, and posted with permission from Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Check out more of her incredible photography at her website or her blog.

  • New Beeswax Tapers

    taper-candlesOur new 10" Beeswax Taper Candles have been so popular at our store that we've added them to our website! Soon available in larger sets, they are currently available for purchase as a pair: click here to view.

    A nice centerpiece for the mantle or holiday table, these hand-poured all-natural taper candles feature the wonderful color and honey scent of beeswax and a cotton wick.

    Similar to soy wax, beeswax burns cleanly and with less soot and smoke than paraffin candles. Beeswax tapers are also recommended over paraffin tapers because of their long lasting burn time, a flame that will glow throughout your holiday!

    View our Beeswax Candles online

    Beeswax Taper Candles at our new shop:


  • Heartwood Birdhouses and Luscious Lather Soaps

    Happily preparing the shop for our Grand Opening event tomorrow...

    Here are a few artisan goods that we love:

    The Birdhouses are from our friends at Heartwood - cypress for durability in a variety of colors and shapes for the birds on your holiday list.  The soaps smell amazing - they are Luscious Lather Soaps, in Lemon Poppy and Lemongrass/Sweet Orange - made by Deena Schuppe on Madeline Island.


  • Notecards by Katherine Parfet

    The next in our collection of shop photos, posted in anticipation of our Grand Opening event this Saturday - these beautiful notecards. We love the loose brushstrokes and bold colors in these notecards, made by Madeline Island artist Katherine Parfet. They are available with a blank interior and envelope in two sizes.


  • Fly Away Farm Soaps

    In anticipation of our Grand Opening event this Saturday, November 29th, from 10:00 - 4:00, we'll be posting store photos all week long, many featuring products and goods made by local artisans.

    Aren't these gorgeous? Perfect for the winter holidays...

    This Art is Soap collection is made on Madeline Island by Fly Away Farm.  Glycerin and aloe is molded in holiday shapes, from Christmas trees and snowflakes to bird nests and doves. Made with all natural pigment and oils.



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