Why We Love Woods Hall Craft Shop

Where It All Began...

Before we opened the doors of our own retail shop, we were making candles for Woods Hall Craft Shop.  This wonderful Madeline Island institution has provided arts and craft education and community building to the island for 60 years, with studio space for island artisans and a retail shop of beautiful craft and artisan goods.

Michael was creating weavings for Woods Hall Craft Shop, but we brainstormed a product that might create some repeat customers - and started experimenting in our kitchen. In 2011 our first batch of Madeline Island Candles were placed on the shelves, and met so much success that eventually we expanded into our own retail location, before moving to our current spot right across from the ferry landing.

Why Woods Hall Craft Shop?

woods-holeWe give 10% of our profits to Woods Hall - and here's why. The Island, like many islands in the US, has a seasonal economy, making for frugal, long winters.  In the 1950s, Woods Hall was founded by St. John's Church to address this concern: to keep the islanders busy and build community by weaving rugs and creating crafts in the winter, and helping their economy when those goods sold in the summer. To this day, Woods Hall provides a venue for many islanders to increase their earnings, and a place for local artisans and craftsman to gather, workshop, and create.

Michael is a proud member of the board at Woods Hall, and our candles are still available there, amongst the other artisan wares, such as soaps, weavings, jewelry, hand-spun yarn, cards and prints, and apparel. Next time you are on the island, make sure to visit Woods Hall Craft Shop!


Visit the Woods Hall Craft Shop Website: http://www.woodshallcraftshop.com/

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  • […] We were so pleased to meet with Adam and Jennifer from KBJR/NBC recently, and show them around the candle making studio. This news segment and accompanying article are part of the news station's "Green Life" Lifestyle series, and focuses on our natural candlemaking practices, local ingredients, and green choices. It also touches on our relationship with Woods Hall Studio and Gallery, who have fostered an educational arts community on the island for over 60 years. You can read more about Woods Hall Craft Shop here. […]

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