Wind Sled Season

Weather report from Madeline Island: negative 12 degrees and feeling very cold! The Ferry stops this week, and then the wind sled season begins - and all of the island residents hope for an ice road!

windsled windsled 2 of hoffman.jpg

There's an interesting and informative article about our wind sled on the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel website.

Article Excerpt:

"Most traffic between Bayfield and Madeline Island is either via the ferry or, in the depths of winter, the ice road.

But when the ice is either breaking up or settling into its winter thickness, as it was last week, folks can get across only by the wind sled - an enclosed boat-hulled craft with huge fans on the back that push the vehicle across the shifting ice.

Unlike ferries, which can carry vehicles, the wind sleds can transport only people and small cargo.

Depending on the weather, the wind sled is usually in action for 10 to 14 days at the beginning of winter and about a week in the spring, though the duration varies each year."  Let's see how long the wind sled is in action this year!

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